Sunday, 26 January 2014

Retrospective - Umbraco 6.0.6 mono port

This port constituted an interesting exercise, and while being simple in principle, proved to be quite complex in implementation.
The primary difficulties faced were those involving casing of file names, and differences between the mono and MS flavours of .NET.

On the plus side, a quick overview of the major issues can be seen in 'Umbraco.Core/MultiPlatform', where I attempted to segregate the issues faced during the port, and demonstrated some possible solutions.

Additionally, Umbraco 6.0.6 has started using some Async calls in the handling of document types, and the implementation of async calls in my version of mono was not yet mature. As a result of this, working with document types requires great care, and I found it best to use the left side tree view to refresh the selected document type view.

Another difficulty is the recycling of the app when the web.config file changes. This also does not always behave as anticipated.

I have enjoyed working on this project, and hope that it will provide some interest and benefit to the community.

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