Friday, 20 September 2013

Site testing update

I have been testing using a production grade MVC (windows) Umbraco site

First impressions: 99% doing OK.

  • Subsystem: Mono - 3.2.1, xsp - 3.0.11, nginx, archlinux 3.10.10-1

  • After updating Web.config - a manual restart of fcgimono service is needed. This is a critical issue, and probably limits commercial application. Not sure why this happens...

  • uComponents 5.4.1: with a few minor tweaks this runs - but there might be some issues with the DataGrid control. More details coming soon.

  • Ninject: In Mono requires Ninject.Mono or greater (from NuGet). The usual Ninject package will not work.

  • Porting of windows Umbraco apps requires careful consideration of casing. This should not be an issue for apps developed natively in Linux / mono.

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