Sunday, 29 September 2013

6.0.6 mono release delay

I was hoping to release the mono 6.0.6 version this Sunday, however, after having upgraded to mono 3.2.3, I started getting a strange error: it said the "ClientDependency.Core.CompositeFiles.CompositeDependencyHandler" could not be found. In reality, it was there but mono could not load the type.

I subsequently downgraded mono to 3.2.1, and then to 3.0.11. However, this time xsp broke.

Hence, I have decided to delay release until I know for sure what is going on, and this error is resolved.

On the plus side, I have fixed one more issue and identified a new one:

  • Fixed: Issue with SystemDirectories.Root being "" - mono expects a rooted value,
    in the virtual path utility: VirtualPathUtility.cs 271.

  • Identified: The umbraco code base makes reference to 'web.config' in ApplicationContextExtensions.cs, PluginViewEngine.cs, RenderViewEngine.cs, MediaUploader.ashx.cs, BaseSeleniumTest.cs. Mono can handle both 'web.config' and 'Web.config', but I will need make sure that we have the same behaviour in the Umbraco code base.

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