Sunday, 21 July 2013

6.0.6 Tests Update II

I have now gone through all the tests, and am pleased to say that 909 tests are passing, and that testing is concluded.

The most interesting errors are logged in the Umbraco error tracker Incorrect Parse of date..., and here MySql republish all fails.

Otherwise, we had some error fixes due to XPathNodeIterator differences, which are well-known.

The remaining few failures appear to be of technical origin: e.g. string encrypt / decrypt tests fail due to null AppDomainAppVirtualPath handling System.Web.Util/UrlUtils (161) in mono. The mono HttpRuntime is coded and coupled very differently. And, to sort this out, we would need to create a wrapper for the FormsAuthentication... calls

I ll be doing some front-end and back-office tests next.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

6.0.6 Tests Update

I fixed partial trusts test, by using a simple medium trust web.config. So now all partial trust and related tests that do not require CAS (Code Access Security) are passing under mono with NUnit 2.6.1

The NUnit version is also significant: NUnit 2.6.2 uses System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging > LogicalGetData and LogicalSetData during its

But these are not supported yet in mono. We therefore need to use NUnit 2.6.1

Test Stats: 889 / 1086 passing. Ignored 169. I have about 28 tests left, of which some fail by assertion, e.g. the CAS tests. When all test that can pass are passing, I will go back and run another user test.