Sunday, 19 May 2013

6.0.3 - Tests II

Passing tests are now at 672 of 899 668bac0551. I have added a few ignored tests for the mysql db tests bringing the ignored tests total to 162.

Top failure causes:

  • Issues relating to dropping of foreign constraints at umbracodomains

  • issues relating to test initialisation

  • Errors due to mono implementation differences.

To get the tests to work at this stage, I added a Configuration settings injector - this is because NUnit is not able to find and load the appropriate configuration settings. This is a bigger topic than I can give it justice here.

Overall the test area will need quite a bit of work, if we want to achieve out-of-the-box native testing capability.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

6.0.3 - Tests

I have started working on the 6.0.3 tests: commit hash 648b701599. Out of the box 324 / 1061 tests were passing. All of the database tests are (of course being written with SQLCE) failing. The test code itself looks to be in a transitional stage from the sqlHelper based set-up towards using petaPoco.

With a bit of coaxing, I have increased passing tests to 390. The increase comes mainly from non-database based tests. Some of the database based tests are passing in the 'legacy' setting - using the MySqlTestHelper.

I have been going through these tests very quickly as there are quite a lot of them... The testing strategy I am using has required big changes to the underlying source code - i.e. the replacement of all calls to configuration manager - of which there are quite a lot now. I would recommend having a mockable wrapper class for these calls - at some point.

I ll be continuing and looking at the database based tests next.

Monday, 6 May 2013

6.0.3 Update

Ok the 6.0.3 version is working now (git hash 17411e5c8a), and I have tested it for the most basic things. In general, so far so good.

I also started separating all of the 'Multiplatform' code into its own namespace (in Umbraco.Core.MultiPlatform). As a first step everything is in static functions.

However, I have also observed three behaviours, the cause of which I do not know at the moment, and which are problematic. Here's the list:

  • EditMemberTypes - renders 'Allow Only at root' in Firefox

  • The first hit on the root page after 'Publish' gives a 404. Second hit produces the page

  • Firefox: sometimes hangs and the javascript debugger kicks in

I will have a look at these in due course. The next step is to get the tests passing and to run through setting up a sample site. While the UI loads fine and we got basic functionality, there are parts that i have not yet ported; and sorting those out is next. I am hoping that when that is all done, I can have a look at the above snagging list.