Sunday, 31 March 2013

4.11.3 - Tests II

478 / 499 (the 500th test does not contain any active tests) tests are passing. Of the remaining 21 tests, cause of failures are:

  • Partial Trust: ...(ReportsFailure) - I have not been able to get these to work. Apparently in mono CAS (Code Access Security) is experimental and unsupported. I have not been able to enforce Reflection Access restrictions in test code, nor have I been able to debug it in an NUnit test instance. Please see here for details.

    In mono it appears that,

    SecurityManager.SecurityEnable returns false unless
    mono is run with the --security option.

  • Published Content: DynamicNode, DynamicPublishedContent, DynamiXml, StronglyTypedQuery tests - Not sure yet if failure is because of test set-up differences or a genuine implementation difference in the .NET mono implementation.

  • Published Content: DynamicNode Get_Member_Property fails because it needs some additional test database initialisation, namely the alias of the parent document type. (TO DO)

Summary: All is looking good but both the Partial trust and DynamicNode / PublishedContent / Xml tests indicate that there may be some issues due to implementation differences. This will need further clarification and testing.

Git commit hash a1f5565762

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