Sunday, 24 March 2013

4.11.3 - Content Area

OK, the Content area is now finished as well. All superficial UI functions have now been fixed. The latest round of fixes address some important mono differences:

  • 1f54a0c35f - Our good friend: To initialise an XPathNode Iterator, call MoveNext() first. Content > Public Access was throwing errors, which were fixed with MoveNext calls (via the introduction of an XmlHelper method).

  • 7ee981a56b - The mono multiline text box control tab injection bug was fixed by some jQuery

  • 3b7f42c97b - The false positive in the xss check when first logging in was fixed as well. This error originated because mono treats absolute paths starting with '/' as a file system path (in the Uri class), and sets the Host name to an empty string.

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