Sunday, 24 February 2013

Install Sequence now working

Well, this has turned into a fortnightly update... But the install sequence now works and lets us install to a MySql database. The changes to achieve this were minimal. There were mostly casing changes. Commit hash: 45258f2

There is one other significant change - though this may prove to be temporary, but it is this one:


if (InstanceTypes.Contains(value))
throw new InvalidOperationException("The Type " + value + " already exists in the collection");

if (!InstanceTypes.Contains(value))

This was always throwing an error during boot as one key (which I have forgotten) was being added twice. But it also seems odd to throw an error before it actually occurs. The change gets us moving for now. (But might be worthwhile to look into why this is happening.)

Looking ahead at the changes required for logging in, it looks like the usual suspects are involved: for example, path mapping issues involving the "~" character, xpath issues involving referencing the Current property of an XPathNodeIterator object before calling MoveNext(), and some casing issues.

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