Sunday, 24 February 2013

CMS admin UI now loads

As of commit hash 2ee48f2be9 the CMS admin UI now loads successfully without any errors. Yay!

However, CMS functionality is at present not available. I have been merging in the 4.7.2 code; and on the plus side, up to now, the same fixes have been sufficient to get things working. I will keep up this plan. On the minus side, the 4.7.2 fixes were not intended to be permanent solutions, and should at some point be re-factored.

The automated build scripts work (when you build twice in succession), but are in need of re-writing, but it is not a priority at this point.

There are a number of recurring themes, which will need a closer look - but this is unlikely to happen until after I have completed the version 6 port. Here are some of those recurring themes:

  • '~' in paths: mono does not like these in file system paths. The MultiPlatform IO Helper side steps this issue for now. The mono MVC router appears to be able to deal with '~' in web paths, but that discussion is for another time.

  • In mono, creating an absolute Uri from a path that begins with a '/' will have its Host name set to an empty string - hence the login redirect check will fail. I have not addressed this yet.

  • The Current property of a mono XPathNodeIterator is uninitialised until MoveNext() is called. So accesing this property without calling MoveNext() will always throw an error.

  • The bigger issue of whether to use the same or separately branched code bases for the windows and linux / unix versions remains to be dealt with.


  1. I can't seem to get it running because it can't find the tables in the database. Do we need to have a pre-existing Umbraco database already installed or is there some way to make the installer run?

  2. Hi yes, you need to run the installation script first. try running /install/default.aspx - prior to which you will need to create the database and user. Congrats on being brave and using a pre-beta version....