Friday, 24 August 2012

An Umbraco bug that affects Linux

due to casing...
In web.config setting, umbracoUseDirectoryUrls to true, produces errors like this: System.Web.HttpException
The resource cannot be found.
Details: Requested URL: /umbraco/webservices/legacyajaxcalls.asmx
Note: the url is in all lower-case.
In, .../umbraco/presentation/requestModule.cs lines 127:130, replace occurences of
'path' with 'requestPath' to get this:
	if (asmxPos >= 0)
context.RewritePath(requestPath.Substring(0, asmxPos + 5),
requestPath.Substring(asmxPos + 5),

And... another Umbraco minority:
Content > Any Document > Publish > Publish completes with:
Unrecognized attribute: securityTrimmingEnabled
At .../umbraco/presentation/umbraco/nodeFactory/UmbracoSiteMapProvider.cs:47
In file, .../umbraco/presentation/umbraco/nodeFactory/UmbracoSiteMapProvider.cs,
after line 38 add:

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